Oral bacteria cause cavities or decay when combined with several contributing factors. Before the decay reaches the pulp or commonly knows as the “nerve” of the tooth, it is crucial to remove the cavity and fill with a biocompatible material. Composite or the “tooth color” material is usually of choice. Uncommonly, silver amalgam can also be used to restore cavities. We allow our patients to choose between composite and amalgam after providing education regarding both materials, their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Man getting fillings done

Digital CT Scan

Dr. Pujara provides an in office CT Scanner allowing the most accurate details of your oral structure.

Professional Consultation

At Hadley Dental Care we feel education is the key to understanding your dental issues. We will provide you a complete treatment evaluation and then consultation to discuss all of your dental concerns.

Dental Examination

We will take a series of records at your dental examination appointment to develop and discuss all of your dental wants and needs.

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