We love the word “prevention”. Sealants are very thin resin based material that flow in the deep grooves of the teeth. These grooves are homes for cavity causing bacterial. Due to limited penetration capability of any tooth paste or mouth wash, these bacteria are allowed to grow at a slow pace and cause cavities. By effectively sealing those deep pits and fissures, sealants are very helpful preventing cavities especially in younger population. And guess what? This is a painless, needle-less procedure.

Digital CT Scan

Dr. Pujara provides an in office CT Scanner allowing the most accurate details of your oral structure.

Professional Consultation

At Hadley Dental Care we feel education is the key to understanding your dental issues. We will provide you a complete treatment evaluation and then consultation to discuss all of your dental concerns.

Dental Examination

We will take a series of records at your dental examination appointment to develop and discuss all of your dental wants and needs.

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